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Monday, October 2, 2006

Myspace Migration: Monday Randomness, Relationship Musings, and My Personal Misconceptions...

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Oh yeah, it's Monday. The Monday that most people have, my normal Tuesday. Only did 9 miles today -and it's all I'm going to do because quite frankly, I'm feeling worn out. Not achey or sore, just tired. So, I'm listening to my body and chilling out. I have literally talked to practically every land acq. manager in Tampa today... my head is swimming with Tampa tidbits and info. Was supposed to be "Girls Game Night" - but, they're grounded ... so it's just me and my computer watching the game in the background. Eagles vs. Packers - have to root for the Packers... how can you not like a team who's fans wear giant blocks of cheese and refer to themselves as "cheeseheads?" hee-hee, that makes me giggle. So, until someone gives me a reason not to, I like them. I like McNabb, too, though - and the Eagles.. now that T.O.'s gone. I just can.not.stand.T.O. He makes me want to throw popcorn at the television every time I see him.

I'm frustrated that the girls had to be grounded today. I even had cool eats for them, too! Little pumpkin-, bat-, and broom-shaped sugar cookies with buttercream icing, little gingerbread men, pumpkin loaf, rasberry thumbprint cookies, chocolate rum balls, and strawberry baby bundts. Not that they would have eaten all of it tonight (good grief, the thought of that sugar rush scares me). Moreover, I'm a little frustrated with the moral superiorty of one of Lindsey's friend's Mom. She invited Lindsey out and I told her that no, she had to come home. The Mom queried as to why (which, because I'm a little grumpy today anyway, irritated me, but I was nice) and so I told her she was actually now grounded for going out to play after wrecking the upstairs with her sister and then leaving it. I figured that this woman, as a fellow parent, would get that. Nah, she proceeded to tell me that I was being too hard on them. First of all, excuse me?? I don't know this woman, and I didn't invite her to give me her opinion. Secondly, no, no I'm not. It's not fun, so it's not popular... but, my kids know the rules. You make a mess, you clean it up befor eyou go outside to play. In fact, we have a routine: snacks, homework, dishes/pick up their loft, room. Then play. Normally, my kids are outside playing by 4. Today, they chose to make a bigger mess instead of cleaning it up. Then, they told me they wanted to go out and play - asked if they had done their stuff, they said "Uh-huh" and out they went.

Soooo... now they're grounded. No game night, no television (not that they're going to miss watching the football game, anyway), no sweets and they have to clean that mess up. It's part of being a member of this household - they sure as heck don't clean up after me! And that's where I split from the more popular segment of the parenting population.. at least around here. I think kids SHOULD have chores to do. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the kids should clean the house for me, but it doesn't hurt for them to have responsibilities. And if they don't follow through with those responsibilites, they're grounded... they lose privileges. Seems black and white to me. But the popular version is to have rules, but bend them. Be the "cool parent" and let it slide. Yeah.. I could do that... heck, I have. But, what ensues is this gradual pushing of the rules to the point where I get frustrated and then want to raise my voice. And I Do.Not.Want.to.be.the.Parent.That.Has.to.Raise.Their.Voice.to.be.Heard. I'm not ok with that. So, I've learned not to bend the rules after the fact. Occassionally, as a reward, I'll let the responsibilities slide.. but not often.

Posted Tennyson's Politics this morning on bulletin. Really felt that poem today for some reason. Was really into John Donne's "Death Be Not Proud" - but that seemed a little too macabre to put into a bulletin on Monday morning. It's actually a rather cool poem, though. Through Donne's personification of death, he's made it relatable. As though we've misconstrued it - and it's really this frail thing, seperating the strength of life from the strength of the heavens. In death is the fraility, Death is but the doorway to the eternal grace and the peace we've missed through life. Just a breath, a slight seperation between here and everafter. He mocks it slightly, though you can tell he still retains a respect for it.. almost a childlike fear... you know, when you were slightly afraid of something, largely because you didn't understand it? Like beets. I think we all had a healthy fear of beets .. or maybe that was just me. I never understood how a vegetable could be so... evil.

So, I have come to the realization today that I have been operating under a misconception when it comes to myself. I am far more of a girly-girl that I'd like to admit. I realized it this morning as I was walking into work, enjoying the swish of my skirt. I like my swishy skirts. I realized that I was pretty happy walking into work in my favorite pair of heels (I SO love shoes). Why did that make me happy? Because they're peek-a-boos. I love peek-a-boo shoes because you can see my pedicure. I like pedicures and even getting my nails done (though that pushes the borders of my patience level). I like the facials I do every Wed. evening and I doubt highly that many tomboys have "what-to-wear/what-not-to-wear" parties where half their closet is laid out in outfit combinations to try to figure out what to wear to meet a friend of a friend or go to dinner in. I'm pretty sure that for tomboys and guys, getting dressed is a solo sport unless they're in a relationship. I've broken out bottles of wine for my gal pals and I while we're figuring out my wardrobe. I LOVE the fact that I have a rather good sized master closet that is packed with my clothes. I like having lots of clothes. I'm soo a chick, aren't I? That, and I'm pretty sure my obsession with candles is a girl thing...

... OH! I added another 30 tealights to my room today - these 2 panels now grace either side of the Eiffel Tower, complete with the clear lights. I'm excited about getting the kids to bed soon and lighting them up for the first time!

So Shelly posted a blog - Point/Counterpoint - wow, that got me going today. It got me thinking...there are a lot of gender biases and misconceptions about what makes a "good relationship" and what's right/wrong. Of course, there is no real "Right" or "Wrong." Only what we each believe within ourselves. Sometimes, to some of us, those beliefs feel wrong or chauvenistic or too idealistic.. but, I guarantee you there's at least half-a-dozen people out there who are just like you in your belief systems. You just have to know what they are. I had more to say, but I'm flat worn out. I kind of feel bad for rambling so long on reply in Shelly's blog... it really was a novella. And it rambled. Oh wait, I already said that... definately a redundant day.

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