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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Myspace Migration: Riding Red in the Hood...

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So, I took my kids to the dentist today. Let me tell you, I was RED HOPPING MAD. For oh-so-many-reasons. First of all, my dentist's office... it kind of sucks. However, DMOs kind of suck, too - so, there's not many dentists to choose from. Basically 2 chains. Both blow. Now that I have the crassness out of the way, I'll continue. Typically, we go to the pretty office in Allen. Makes you feel a little more comfortable while they're screwing up your plan of care and such... it LOOKS like a competent place. Well, the dentist that typically works there just up and left yesterday on vacation or something. We were left with a choice: wait another 3 weeks for him to get back (not an option, my kids were REALLY hurting) or go to the Pleasant Grove location. Not ever having been to Pleasant Grove, I chose to go there to get the kids taken care of.

It is NOT a good sign when your car is the best looking car on the road and you drive an Altima. I take that back, I did see a new Dodge Durango and the new smaller Cadillac SUV. Barring those two cars, though, mine was the stuff. It's also not a good sign when you pull up to the dentist's office and it's in an old, renovated strip center decorated with kitchen tiles instead of normal outside veneers like say, brick, or stone, or even stucco/plaster. It's an even worse sign when there are bars on the windows and doors.

Get inside and the place looks like a government office. There were NO warm, fuzzy stuff anywhere in the office. Cheap plastic chairs, linoleum, and bad lighting. No kids books, no toys, no magazines, no coffee tables - nada. They had plywood bookshelves to hold their files and a TV that didn't work. It smelled of pee, but I'm not sure why. Again, they wouldn't let me go back with the girls - this seriously concerns me after the media had that thing on the news a couple of weeks ago about the kid who died due to negligence at the Dentist's office. I should be able to be with my minor child, given I'm the patient advocate for said child. However, I wasn't; and the girls pleaded with me to let them go back anyway, because they wanted their mouths fixed.

I relented. By the way, did I mention at that point, we had waited for an hour and forty-eight minutes PAST our appointment time to be seen? Yeah. I'm so glad they made a point of telling us how important it was to be on time. That was obviously worth it. When they got done, I went to pay and it was a whopping $240 more than they told me it would be. Work's already done, though, so I pay it.

When I left, there was - I kid you not - this car a couple of slots over from us where I watched this woman get in, pull out a bag of something (I don't know what, for all I know it could have been licorice, I just know it was dark) and then get out of the car and flounce off. That was about the time I locked the doors and got the hell out of there.

We went to the Lush party tonight. Have I mentioned I Looooooove Lush? They have awesome bath stuff. They had some new products for Christmas that I'm going to have to partake in... I was taken by their Champagne Shower Jelly, the snowmen butterball bombs, the peppermint bath bar, and a few other fun items. I noticed they also have a new massage bar for Christmastime that might need to be added to my collection. I got a couple of twinkly bombs today - they smelled like powder with a hint of glitter. It just makes me happy there! Plus, they served champagne and chocolate cake. I'm not a huge chocolate cake person, but it's Chocolate Cake Day, so that was convenient.

Let me explain Chocolate Cake Day. It's not a hallmark holiday; indeed, you'll find it on no calendar... save perhaps a select few who will have scrawled-in-pen reminders. A friend of mine lost her son a little over seven years ago today. Just before his birthday, October 25th. She had been planning to make him a chocolate cake for his birthday, his favorite. That year, it felt right to her to make it anyway, in his honor. She did. And every year since, our little band of girlfriends has "Chocolate Cake Day" on October 25th, where we eat a chocolate dessert in his honor. Typically, the kids and I will do Chili's Molten Lava Cake, but they weren't up to it tonight (don't blame them - Natalie's mouth bled for nearly half an hour AFTER they finished working on her). So, I was tickled when they had teeny chocolate petit-fours there.

I thought quite a bit about Beau today. Not for the reasons you might think; I don't miss him at all. I was talking with someone about how they're not in the space yet where their ex-girlfriend is someone they could think about without getting angry, because they feel used. I understand. Totally. And it made me think about Beau. It took a LONG time to see how toxic that relationship was for me and longer still to get to the point where I could get angry enough to do anything about it. When I finally did cut him out of my life, it took a little while to get to the point where I didn't want to beat the practice dummy at work when I thought of him. It just seemed like such a waste. Then, for awhile, it just seemed sad. Because there were so many points where it could have been different; but, he was selfish and I was stupidly enabling. Now, I can't muster up any feeling for him whatsoever except a twinge of pity for how screwed up his life is. I want him to be happy, I think - but mostly I want him to grow up. Given the fact that he's nearly 40 and still can't take responsiblity for his actions or lifestyle, I just don't see that happening. I feel for him on that score. But, mainly, today I thought about how grateful I am that he's no longer a part of my life, in any way. Typically, I like being friendly with the guys I've gone out with in the past - I don't see reasoning behind being spiteful and bitter. But, I'm so much more peaceful without him around.. there's no drama! I was trying to remember how much time it took me to get where I am now.. I'm wanting to say it was like 4 months? I wonder where my friend will be with his ex-girlfriend 4 months from now...

The kids are already in bed. I'm tempted to join them. The doctor did some tests, but he said it's really probably just jet lag. Jeez. I've never dealt with jet-lag before; not that I recall anyway. This is rediculous. But, I'm going to go work out for awhile, while I still have SOME shred of energy left to do it with.

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