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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Piglet, Pooh, & Relationships: Things I wish I Knew Earlier #TR30Days

Love my new website; HATE the stats tracker on Wordpress.  Seriously, hate it.  Miss being able to see the info by operating system, countries visited, etc.  So, I'm still going to write everything over there; but maybe I'll put a teaser & redirect traffic from here to there. :p  Gonna give it a shot, anyway; according to my stats here, folks are still reading (and some RANDOM old stuff, too! :p ):

Tonight on Twitter, they had a discussion – a chat – on one of the Twitter channels, #GenYChat.  I went, expecting it to be on business; but, it was actually on marriage/significant romantic relationships.  So not my area of expertise; as the closest thing I have to a romantic relationship is my love affair with coffee.  And since it’s a one-sided love (1) as I’m pretty sure the coffee doesn’t miss me the way I miss it when I don’t have it?? Not sure that really counts. ;)   But, despite my experiential disadvantage in the subject matter; I tried to stick it out.  Made it about halfway through & then they started talking about cheating, and “must-haves/must-not haves” criteria lists for partners, are we naturally monogomous … very subjective and personal questions.  Stuff I’m not going to be learning from; but rather turning purple sharing my opinions/history on those subjects with strangers on twitter.   Which, when I think about it is kind of funny; as I share a lot of my life on here & goodness knows who ends up reading it! (see the rest on Wordpress by clicking the title above.. :)  )

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