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Monday, August 8, 2011

Week One Report: My List .. Would a Mulligan be Cheating?? #TR30Days

Below you'll see a LOVELY list.  Truly, I'm pretty happy with the stuff I want to focus on during this 30-day challenge.  But boy, I don't feel like I made much progress AT ALL this past week.  Work was just insanely busy; and I got to meet my half-sister when she came in town this weekend, which was beyond wonderful.. but, distracting for the purposes of this project.  I concede, I'm a little disappointed.. to the point I considered saying "So, maybe I should shift to where I'm starting THIS week instead of on my birthday..."  But, you know, that'd be cheating.  If I'm dealing with the "NOW," then part of that needs to include 'real-time' course-corrections... and, more importantly?  This is supposed to be a "way of life" project; it wasn't intended to do while I put my life on pause!  I've got to  do a better job of integrating the unexpected with the planned when it comes to things outside of doing my job and caring for my girls.  And I know I can. ;)   So, the update stands.

  • Cut the cord to the cell phone in the car- specifically, while I'm driving.  While I wasn't on the phone when I got into a minor car accident last week? It really woke me up to the fact that distracted driving probably should have been a factor and it's blind luck that it wasn't.  It was #wakeupcall & I'm taking it.  Whatever's going on?  WILL keep until I put it in park.  Update - Yeah, I did really well with this until Friday night and then it was pretty much #gameover all weekend.  Ridiculous.  So.. starting again this week. 

  • Business Development - I will add 4 new clients from 7/29 to 8/29 :)  I've got a pretty solid business development plan built out and will be executing it.  Tying it to the "NOW" thing? I'm committing to having my daily work put INTO my CRM system at the end of EACH day - I'll admit I can have a tendency to want to neglect the "Administrivia" (3) but it's important, too.  Giving myself the "Three Pass Rule" (4) - I'll commit to giving up my #Wine Wednesday if I hit a 4th infraction where I focus on database development instead.  A 5th infraction will have me giving up a date night - so there will BE no 5th infraction, for sure!!! :)  Update:  I guess I'm making decent headway with this; there's interest but until the ink is dry? Not done! So, I feel behind.   On a somewhat related note, I've been asked to speak at a couple of upcoming events.  I love doing this, so I'm looking forward to it.  More details on that as soon as it's firmed up; but one is on the topic of Talent Marketing -makes sense- and the other is geared for Job Seekers to help them Market themselves like a recruiter.  Fun!   Also, the fabulous @MeghanBiro & I got to take our fun to a different kind of line! Went from 'online' to the phone lines' and had a blast connecting on #Culture & #Tchat w/ her on another level. 

  • Read One Book a Week & One Parenting & Fun Book Over the Challenge - Three a week is way too much for me to realistically keep up with this time, but 1 book a week?  Is a 2 hour time commitment - I can hang with that AND commit to a blog on it to boot!  Also want to read a "just for fun" and a specific parenting book relating to 'girl cliques' before the school year starts back up!  I'm about halfway through the No Asshole Rule Book - I like it; but I've been WAY too swamped to do much about finishing it!  So, maybe I'll try to wrap that up when I'm spending some quality time on the exercise bike this week?? Still, unless I crank out a book this weekend?  I'm behind. 

  • Blogging - Can I do three a week?  I think I can. :) I'm also going to make a decision on splitting my blog into 2 by the end of this 30-day or keeping it whole, as is.  Update:  I did 2 blogs; but I really only liked one of them.  I had the worst case of writer's block this past week!  I'm hoping it goes away when I give up and just write about the family dynamic stuff - because I think (1) that will get my pen moving again.  We'll see. Still.. that's 1 short this week. 

  • THREE - Three days a week I WILL - do yoga, do strength training, and do swimming.
  • TWO - Two days a week I WILL - play tennis & do spin - or spinnish thing Jen taught me (so gonna kill me).
  • ONE - EVERY day I will do my 10k - even if it has to be broken into 2 5ks.
  • I will drink 2 liters of water a day.
Update:  HAHAHAHAHA... Ok, so I did 12 miles last week.  Not.Even.Close. I DID do the spinnish thing; it DID basically kill me.  I took a few days off because I literally ripped my heels up over the #TNL conference/birthday weekend.  They bled (somewhat badly by Sunday, actually) and really hurt when I walked until Thursday.  BUT, I did drink my water so at least that's something.. of course, I'm pretty sure it's because Texas may literally be hotter than hell right now.  Not sure; it's gotta be close, though. 

  • Daily Gratitude WITH my Girls - I really enjoyed this last time & it had such a huge impact on my overall outlook in life.  I want to include the girls into this 30 Days so they can enjoy the benefits of a grateful heart/outlook as well; AND so I can gain further parental insights into a different aspect of their personality. ) - Update:  Didn't have them until this weekend; so, will start that today.  BUT, even still?  I didn't keep up with my gratitude exercises 2 days this week.  Was so focused on work that I was a total slacker. 

  • Bible Study w/ the Girls on Healthy Relationships & Sex:  Because if you wait to talk about it until you "HAVE TO?"  You've waited way too long.  We've chatted about it; but want to start doing a pulse check before we go back to school.  Want to do the study that Shannon Rowell recommended & really hit on what healthy "dating" in Middle School/High School looks like.  Update - I DID get the bible study I want to do with them and we're starting it tonight. Yay! :) 

  • Charity Work -   REALLY am keen on @lovedrop and want to be more of a part of bringing awareness to that cause during this #TR30Days challenge.  Also will be participating at the Service/Volunteer weekend at Church as being more involved w/ The Branch has been on my 'to-do' list since May of LAST year.  *Oops!*  Was really appreciative of the volunteer weekend & chance to change the 'to-do' to an 'am-doing.' :)  Update:  I AM registered for "GO" - the Service Weekend at my church; and I did get my "August Charity Vlog" out.. so, I'm tracking on this one.  Vlog is below...  I HATE the frame iMovie chose to land on to start, LOL  what's up with my mouth?????

(1) Read = Hope... otherwise, I have NO idea why I'm locked-up