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Monday, January 1, 2007

Myspace Migration: Welcoming in 2007

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Had a good time gambling at the Casino thing with Bev, Jackie, Wendy and Steve (who, by the way, is now my favorite card dealer!)... won a flat screen monitor and over 250k in chips. Blackjack is fun. We even got a little rowdy and danced.. I saw Jackie do the Humptey.. holy cow. Nothing beats the chick I'll be putting on U-tube later today, though... and I'll probably add a slideshow either on this blog or on my page....

So, new day, new year... I guess it's time for resolutions. I'm not big on resolutions for the sheer reason that most people don't keep them. Why make yourself a promise you're not prepared to keep? That being said, I thought long and hard the last couple of weeks about what I'm willing to "resolve" to and have come up with my 2007 resolutions:

1) I will make partner in 2007.

2) Be present wherever I am. This is probably going to mean I'm going to have to lessen the death-grip addiction I have to my Treo, but... I need to do it. Kid calls and work calls prior to 8pm on weekends excluded, I'm going to learn to put my phone on "vibrate" and not check email after 8.

3) I'm going to allow myself to find a real relationship this year. I think, to a degree, we have the relationships we allow ourselves to have ~ if we're not willing and ready to be present and available mentally, emotionally.. then we won't be and we won't get that back. I think I'm at a place where I'm ready to be "relationship girl" as Bev calls it.

4) Lose those last 30. Yes, I did say 30 (which would put me pretty much back to where I was at 18, but I'm thinking it's obtainable) on a public blog where I HATE to admit those kind of things... but, with the aid of the "eat-right diet" I was already doing before the holidays and the exercise routine I have and the equipment I've purchased/am purchasing.. I'm really set up to. No excuses, health is good - no reason not to!

5) Just.Say.No. Thank you, but no - to all the random things people "entrust" me with .. committees, chairs, projects.. that don't fit in with my life plan. This is a benefit to them as much as it is to me - I don't have time to be everything to everybody and wouldn't be able to do that well, anyway!
6) Finish the darn book.

There you have it. My Resolutions for the New Year.

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