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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Myspace Migration: I AM Self-Sufficient... With the Help of My Friends. :p

I AM Self-Sufficient, Really... With the Help of My Friends, That Is!
Every once in awhile I kind of wonder what I would do if I lived in another city, completely cut off from everyone I know and love. How would that affect my quality of life? I mean, I say I'm self-sufficient, and I guess for the most part I am. But..

I got a new television yesterday. I decided I wanted a new TV more than I wanted new living room furniture right now (life's a trade-off). It wasn't particularly heavy, and so I figured I'd be able to take care of it myself, right?? Yeah, it was kind of too bulky to get out of my car. Fortunately, Dave, Wendy's husband was there to help me with it. I need something to connect to the TV that allows for me to hook up both my TV and my DVD player. I'm not sure exactly what that is, but I'm sure when I go to the store today to buy a new operating system for my computer, I can figure it out.

That's right.. a new operating system. I don't know if that'll help my soundcard, because it's SUPPOSED to be compatible with Windows 2000 SP4, which is what I have since I lost my Windows XP disc. I probably left it at Beau's, along with my router, my dvd player, the table my father made me for my wedding, nearly $500 worth of bedding, and a slew of other stuff that I totally forgot when we parted ways. Oh, well. Fortunately, I can get another perfectly lovely OEM version of Windows XP Pro for the bargain basement price of $100. I just hope that fixes my problem!!! I really miss having a soundcard and being able to listen to my music. I can download a trial version, but it won't allow me to upgrade. Would TOTALLY have to reinstall and I'm just not quite sure I want to do that. And I have to find a cd burner application (that I KNOW I left at Beau's) before I can do that, anyway. So, this morning I'm researching that... but, I really have no idea what I'm doing.

But, since I'm self-sufficient (grin), I'm going to make myself an expresso and fake it until I do. Pity party for one? Your table is now ready.

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