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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Myspace Migration: So What's the Deal with Valentine's Day?

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Really? It's a holiday I've never quite understood. Even when I was happily married (for the whole few months we were in that state), I didn't get it. It just kind of seemed like a Hallmark Holiday to me. Why pick ONE day to really go all out and express your feelings for your partner? Why just one? It seems to me that many little gestures throughout the year would mean a lot more than one day of gifts and eating out.
I don't look forward to Valentine's Day. I do heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast and heart-shaped steaks at night for the kids, which is fun - because I don't want them growing up jaded against a holiday on my account ... much better to let them pick and choose which holidays they love or despise (like me, can't say I'm a fan of Valentine's Day, but I love St. Patrick's Day... but who wouldn't love a holiday dedicated to little men in green and beer?). They get the little card and bear every year. But, then again, to my earlier point - they get that kind of stuff SEVERAL times throughout the year.. it doesn't take a holiday for them to know they're loved and appreciated.

I realize I'm in the minority on this. I know this because even as I write this, stores have and continue to gear up for "the big day." There are even heart-shaped wreaths at Target for you to hang on your front door (which, as a chick, would be really tempting to purchase if I were more into that holiday)! I know this goes against chick-dom in general, but I just don't get it. I tried once or twice to "get into the spirit of the holiday" - heck, last year I even did this big, elaborate scavenger hunt thing for Beau... but it always seems to be ... I don't know... misguided or something (especially since that night I found out he completely screwed me over, lol). And most people like the day of gifts. Personally, I'd rather be in a relationship where my partner made little gestures like cooking dinner with me now and again or helping me fold socks, even though it wasn't something they liked to do - that kind of thing...

What do you think about it? Are you looking forward to it? Do you have any holiday rituals that make it a special day for you? Why do you like it... or not

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