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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Myspace Migration: So the Book's Morphing a Little

I think I'm going to take the book in more of a dating direction, like someone that reads my blog suggested way back when. I'm setting this to private, but I'm not really sure if it'll work or not since I've never tried that before. Figured I'd just jot down some snippets of things I actually got to experience (unfortunately! LOL).. not sure they'll meld together or not, it's just stuff that I was thinking about during the girl scout meeting.

...So, I think that I'm a fairly logical person. Heck, that's why the whole 'internet dating' thing appealed to me. But, as I'm sitting across from this guy who looks like I could bench press with one hand and my eyes closed - and let's face it, I'm not exactly buff - I'm failing to see the logic in this match. Not because he's a pint size version of a grown-up man, or because of anything physical, really. No, it's an illogical match because I think rationally and obviously, he doesn't.
"See, I know that I may not be as attractive as say, the waiter over there. But what balances it out; what allows me to have my pick of pretty much whomever I want... is my income. I'm banking. No really, I make a lot of money."

What do you say to that?? "Wow, well..." I'm wondering if pausing will help me think of something to say that will make the autrosity that just came out of his mouth a little better.. or at least, a little less distasteful. Um, nope. "That's really great that you have such a good confidence level."
"It helps that there are ten times more desperate women than there are men. How many responses do you get a day?"
"I don't know. Maybe 10? Obviously, they're not the right ones, though..."
"Wait. I contacted you!"
"Yeah, so anyway...."

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