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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Myspace Migration: Everybody in the House is Like 'OH MY GAWD!'

And not because there's any particular hotness here. Oh, no.. it's because of my garage. So, I'm taking down my holiday decorations and decide that I don't want to take apart the Christmas tree. It's a total pain-in-the-butt to mess with the lights. So, I get this beyond genius idea to just leave it put together and put it in my garage. Cool. Well, to do that, I've got to actually CLEAN my garage so I have room for it.

And that's where the "Oh My Gawd" title comes in. My garage is this cornucopia of crap - stuff I can't bring myself to throw away. And while I did throw away an entire HUGE trash can of stuff today, mostly I just better organized the crap. Why? Because I'm a pack rat. So, now it's after 11am, I'm really nowhere closer to getting the Christmas Tree in my house than I was at 8ish when I started and I'm wondering what is with me that I have to save every random little thing.

Geeeeesh. Yet, as I'm cleaning things up, move it around, organizing and piling things around... it's like walking through the past. I see the blue puppy bowl that I bought for Frodo before I had to take him back. I saw all the stuff from the Spongebob birthday parties that I threw for the kiddos (Lindsey wanted one two years in a row); the toys, outfits I bought on the fly on my way to somewhere else... my life for the last few years. And then there was the ancient stuff: the books I read like a million times in middle school - like Vanity Fair and Last of the Mohicans. There were the Reader's Digest Compilation Books that my Grandfather gave me; my mother's favorite books as a girl (I read Ginny and the cooking contest probably 50 times my fifth grade year - no kidding) and the books I learned to read on (I have the entire Care Bear hardback series collection, lol). I found my first pair of rollerblades and my bowling ball... I can see why I had a hard time letting go of a lot of this stuff. It's me. It's still a cornucopia of crap, but.. it's MY crap.

I'll be making a trip to the Container Store sometime this week to make it look more organized, though. Looks like with one more hour of work, I'll be able to fit not only my tree, but my car as well!!

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