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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Myspace Migration: PSA or PSJ (Pathetic Self-Justification)??? You Decide....

So, a friend of mine actually called me to go look at this guy's profile. "Tell me what you honesly think" she says. I look, expecting to see some kind of troll. I was kind of suprised when a really attractive man pops up on the page. Read his profile and he kind of sounds like a normal guy, kind of a 'man's man' (ladies, most of you will know that that means). Actually, he sounds like someone she should just all over, and then I get to... this:

~ADDITIONAL NOTE~ To the ladies with young(er) kids. If a guy dates you and you have young kids and he is now no longer dating you he wanted one thing and only one thing and after he got it he is no longer dating you. Watch Jerry McGuire because he too was shoplifting the pu$$y. Now when a guy says he won't date you because you have young kids (like me) it's because he am serious about finding someone to marry but not raise your kids. Huge difference between those two types of guys. Just food for thought.

Um, ok... was this his PSA for Single Moms? To me, who has never really had a problem with finding a cornucopia of men to date who really could care less about the fact that I have children (and given the fact that I've been divorced for 5 years, at one time it was 'young(er) children')... I kind of think this is mostly bunk. To me, it seems like more of a pathetic attempt to justify the fact HE personally doesn't want to date women with children younger than his own (17), so he delivers it in a manner he thinks would be more safe by generalizing it.

Why do I think it's bunk? Because I know a LOT of single moms, and to date I've not met but one of them over the years that were looking for a replacement Daddy. And yeah, she was a piece of work, but really? How different is that from the guy that's just looking for Barbie to wear on his arm at social functions or a Samantha to screw around with? Most of the women I know and have known with Single Kids have a "I'm Good.. I've Got It.. I Don't Need Your Help, Just Your Companionship" kind of an attitude. Our children have parents already, we don't need help raising them. We don't WANT help raising them - heck, I've had pretty in-depth conversations with them men I've had relationships with about how it's probably going to be a little challenging to be in our lives and not have a say about how they're raised (barring things like a say-so in the rules of the house in the event we do get married). Why? Because they're not the Parent. I am. My ex-husband is. And there need be only two.

But, that's my thought - and my experience is limited to the parent side of things... what are yours? Does this guy have cause to be concerned? Is it really a PSA or a PSJ he was sending out to Single Moms Reading His Profile Everywhere? And does it really take more than 2 parents??

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