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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Myspace Migration: I Like the Nightlife; I Like to Boogie

Ok, I can't even get past the first sentence - I'm still giggling about the title. As is probably anyone that knows me remotely well. Many things I am, a 'club girl?' Not so much one of them. But still, now and again, I'll get a little girly looking and go out with my friends. Like I did this past Saturday night.

We went to a club called Sting. Large place, and actually, as far as clubs go... it was pretty nice. There were 4 main rooms, each with a different feel. The front room was more for dancing: there was a bar and a ginormous video screen playing videos with scantily clad women moving in ways that flaunt flexibility that many of us will only dream about obtaining. A DJ was in this little cave in the corner - it was neat. To the left of that room was a billards room. To the right of that room, there was another room with a bar and a more Latin flair. Colorful music filled the room and there were tables - I think I remember my friend telling me that it used to be a restaurant? From that room, you could flow into a room where you had about 1/2" of personal space because that room? Was packed. It was more of a 'glam' look with dance music pumping out of the loudspeakers. This room, btw, was where people were getting checked out hardcore. It's also where the VIP area was, sleek couches with table service. That was actually the only area in the room that wasn't packed inch-to-inch. Still, everyone seemed like they were having a good time, and that was a good thing.

My favorite place in the joint was actually the patio area - and had it not been over 100 degrees even at night, we probably would have been there. It was inviting, and had a more relaxed personality to it. All in all, if you're a club person, you should probably check it out sometime - you'd probably have a lot of fun.

All that being said, I'm not a club girl. It's really loud in clubs! To the point that I had to fall back on reading my friend's lips... :D Also, I might just be a little too conservative to handle the way people 'hook up' in clubs and evidently, I'm too dense to notice when people are checking me out! This might be a self-preservation thing; because, I'm pretty sure if they were looking at me the way they were leering at my friend, I wouldn't be able to do anything but stand there completely beet-red from blushing! Clubs just might be a little too forward for my tastes. But, it's fabulous for people watching... really fantastic people-watching opportunities. From the dress of the people there, to some of the cars they rolled up in, to the way they interacted with each other.. it's a cornucopia of interesting sights to behold. All in all, though, I might be more of a 'hang-out-with-the-neighbors' kind of girl... alternatively, if you find a coffee shop, you'll probably find me!! :D

Moving on, I'm a Fish. More specifically, my gal pal Daphne talked me into joining a site called "Plenty of Fish." I'm not quite sure 'talked me into' is even really the right phrase - might have been more like 'wore me down!' hahaha Anyway, I created a profile; stuck some pictures up and have been a member for a couple of days. Over the weekend, I received 6 pages of emails and ended up on 40ish 'favorites.' Evidently, if you see a profile you like, you can save it to your 'favorites.' Now, I'm not really sure what that does for you, other than might make it easier to find later, but I did notice that the site publicizes how many people picked you to be on their 'favorites.' Interesting. Anyway, it's not costing me anything and I have been introduced to a couple of very interesting guys via POF, so for now, I'm ok with being a Fish. We'll see how it goes. For now? I have to go to work!

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