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Friday, August 29, 2008

Myspace Migration: It's Just a State of Mind

Ooooooh, this is too much fun! I had totally started writing a different thread, but then I got this:
I'm [Name] and it's my sincere honor to meet you. I realize you are way out of my league but my observation about you and your profile is that you are absolutely amazing. Everything I read and the pictures I saw lead me to believe that you need to change nothing. I know you think you do and are working hard to do so but in my opinuion you are exactly perfect the way you and and if other's don't think so to hell with them. You are amazing and I don't know why you are even on this site. You must have men lined up to meet you. We actually have a LOT in common but I hope the man you do choose realizes what a special gift God has blessed him with in you. I hope you and your daughters have a GREAT Labor Day weekend.
Guess who it is? Come on... take a wild stab at it. It's the 'shoplifting the pooty' guy from yesterday!! Ahhahahahaahahaha!!! Am I evil for wanting to have fun with this one?? What happened to the aversion to kids? Hmmm.....
On a more serious note, I got an email from a guy asking how he could get a gal to 'reel him in' on the dating site. I'm going to be addressing this later from a 'what not to wear' type standpoint with some of the emails, conversations, and profiles that I've received from POF. A couple are QUITE humorous, so stay tuned!
And let me know... should I play with this guy or take the high road and ignore it????

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