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Monday, April 7, 2008

Myspace Migration: Entering the Twilight Zone

Maybe it’s because I was pent up this weekend. Maybe I have spring fever. Maybe I just have a screw loose... but, oh my I have a mischevous streak going here, I think.
On my express road to the dark side, I’ll start with my turning in the jerk that INSISTS on driving the wrong way down my street EVERY day just after I drop the kids off. I totally dropped the dime on them today (is that how you say it)? Take that, crappy mazda who endangers my life on a daily basis!

My brain stopped working today. I mean LITERALLY just stopped working in the middle of this project I’m working on. Totally fabulous. So, I took a ’surf-the-web’ break. I may, or may not, have sent wicked messages to someone just for the heck of it. It’s about time someone explained playtex that it’s kind of gross to have bra commercials where overweight women talk about being ’stacked’ and how they store gummi bears in their bras. I mean, that’s EXACTLY who I want to emulate when I think about bra buying, "Oh, let me buy the bra that makes me feel like the housefrau who sits around eating bon bons all day while storing gummi bears in her bra for the movies. Yuuuum." Um, NO! I’m thinking about lift, seperate (or squish, depending on the outfit), and lacy.. something that looks good when being taken OFF... Not that I DO that kind of thing, lol. No, no.. not me.

I pulled into the HOV lane of mischevious/bad when I went to get dinner. Bev wanted Chipotle. I went to THREE. NONE NONE NONE of them had parking spaces.

Seriously??? We live in Dallas, there are more resteraunts per capita here than in New York City... and everyone in Dallas was at Chipotle. Tonight. Before 6. It had been a long day. I faxed in an order to the Frisco location. Would have been great to get, except there were NO. NO. NO. NO parking spaces. Forget that. Soooo, I stopped by the one in Plano. The line was out the door. Um, no. Go to the one on El Dorado and Voila! Parking space, people aren’t standing outside. Good sign.
Ha.haha.hahahahaha. There was some kind of youth thing going on - the line didn’t go out the door, but it did wrap around the resteraunt. So, I totally did something cornering on not funny bad - I totally faked my order. "um, I faxed in an order a while ago? Last name ------?" They didn’t have it *shock* - but, they offered to not make me wait through all of those kids and build it for me now! Technically, I didn’t lie as I didn’t say I faxed it THERE, only faxed it - but, that’s a total cop-out rationalization. In true Crystal form, though, I couldn’t pull it off. I did squeal on myself - the cashier laughed and said that was funny. I got a free drink out of the deal, too. :D

Has anyone seen these Alli pills/commercials? What exactly would make someone want to take a pill that neccessitates having a ’spare set of clothes’ (check out their message boards) because you might *yuck* leak *yuck.* I’d rather take the Master Cleanse diet stuff that Beyonce did and I’m pretty sure that’s bad for you, too.
Finally, there was a fabulous exchange with a guy on the dating site - I’ll have to put it up on a seperate post - but, it’s a great example of what bored and sassy will accomplish.

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