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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Myspace Migration: Eenie, Meenie, Minee... Whoa! Too Many Choices!

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You know what?? I kind of miss the days of life being black and white. When you are a child, it’s pretty much a ’yes/no,’ ’wrong/right’ scenario no matter what you do. Your grades are either ’good’ or ’bad,’ ’acceptable’ or ’not.’ Someone’s your friend or their not (which, by the way, can change by the day or even hour) - all in all, life’s not terribly complicated.

Fast forward to being an adult; and it seems like very little in life is that simple. Sometimes it’s because we make it more complicated than it needs to be, but very often our ’adult life’ choices are just more involved. Things are now judged by degrees of ’right’ or ’better,’ ’wrong’ or ’worse.’ Over the last few weeks, with work, I’ve been immersed in choices of degrees. So much so, that I think I’m now looking at everything that way! Whether it be work, Guys, what to fix for dinner, which church I should go to, what city I should live in, which extra-curricular activity is really going to provide the most benefit to the girls down the road, whether I should add in highlights/low lights to my hair, should I see a trainer or just go back to my old program that had proven results? Too many choices!

I think I need a break from options, choices, and intense thought. Could someone else just direct me and tell me what to do for awhile? I couldn’t even make up my mind on what I wanted to drink this morning without a 10-minute internal discussion on the pros/cons of each option given my caffine hiatus (read: caffine reduction, because I can’t really give up java with caffine and even my pain reliever has caffine in it!).

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