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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Myspace Migration: Weekend Follies

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So, the majority of this weekend was spent recouperating my illness of this week. Wow. I was seriously hit with the mother of all head colds! I still have congestion, but I don't feel sick anymore. Which is good, because next week I have the mother of all work weeks! :)

I got the girls the dog for Christmas. We now own a little mop named Roxy (she was already named before we got her). She's 7.4 pounds of incorrectly cut hair, but she's very sweet. She has barked a sum total of once - at me - when I made her go to bed for the night. Once she gave in, though, she was very good and let me sleep until 7am. Which I needed. So, this morning she's getting used to the house and is currently sitting on my lap as I type this. I took her for a walk (in the hopes I could get her to poo - she peed in my backyard, but she won't do the other) - that was fun. Got her little jacket on (the light one, it's not too cold) and her little leash and off we went. To find that this dog hasn't really done walks. I have a little, untrained mop on my hands. But she's cute and we'll keep her.
In other news, I had dinner with Bev at Friday's after I got the puppy. She stayed roasty warm and napped (I wore her out at Petsmart) while I.Got.Carded! Seriously, barring not being able to get in one time at Sherlocks when I had forgotten my license; I never get carded. Looking underage is not something I suffer from. But, Bev being the genius she is, ordered a double shot of vodka and I ordered a cranberry juice and I was in business. LOL We ate SO badly to celebrate her starting on her diet today...

I'm hoping the dog will let me get this house clean - I think I've got company coming over this evening. I'm going to see Holiday with Jackie while Roxy gets groomed this morning. Then I'm catching up on some work this afternoon. My life is just so thrilling! :)

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