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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Myspace Migration: Perspectives

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I was struck today by how different perspectives can be, and both still be right. Not a bad thing - there really is no right or wrong on this - but just different. A friend of mine went out of town today - and I texted this morning asking if they needed a ride to the airport (and from, obviously). Seemed a completely natural thing to ask - to him, it seemed like a completely natural thing NOT to.
His thought? I'm busy, I have a life and a bunch of responsbilities and would probably be too busy - didn't occur to him to ask, probably didn't want to impose. That's actually rather considerate of him.

My thought? Yeah, I'm busy - but that's just what you DO, especially for people you know well or care for. Growing up, we always took friends and neighbors to the airport. A lot of it, I think, was that my parents and their friends were far too frugal to spend $6-$15 per day to have their car stowed away at the airport or at off-site parking. The other part? It's just nice to have someone waiting for you with their car at the doors when you step out of the airport and to just sit back and relax while they taxi you home. Plus, if they're friends or you're close, it's great to be able to see them off and welcome them home! And I guess, because I've always DONE it - it doesn't seem like an imposition to me at all.

Neither one of us are right nor wrong - or rather, I think perhaps we're both right. It's just different perspectives and today, that just struck me funny...
You know what else strikes me funny? This dry cleaner operator thinking they'd make a fabulous Vice President of Property Management. I may make this train of thought into it's own blog later, because Oh.My.Gawd! it's rediculous.

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