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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Myspace Migration: And A Very Merry To You!

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The girls loved Roxy. Seriously, I can't blame them. She's an adorable dog. Right now, she's in bed. Hopefully, she's cool being there even though I'm not. Between the girls getting their big Holiday gift and wrapping presents this afternoon, I'm very much in the holiday spirit.

I'm not big on getting gifts. They make me feel odd, most of the time - like a gangly teen that hasn't quite grown into their limbs. Over the years, I've learned to appropriately deal with them, but I still enjoy giving them far more than getting them. There's no real rhyme or reason with my gift-giving, either. Oh, to be sure there are the obligatory gifts that are always purchased - for parents, siblings, Grandma and the like. There are my children's gifts, which I can't wait to purchase each year (I L-O-V-E kid toys), and then there are the other gifts. Some friends, it goes without saying that I'll get them something - there will always be something under Jackie's tree, for example. But most of the time, whether or not I get someone something is dependent on whether or not something struck me.

Example: I wrapped a gift for someone this evening that I knew I was going to purchase months ago. The only thing that would preclude them from getting their gift would be them not being in my life anymore. I knew what I wanted to purchase them, I wanted them to have it, and so they will. However, there are a couple of other people I'm fond of, but nothing has really stood out at me (nor come to mind) to get them. So, I'd be purchasing something just for the sake of purchasing it and that doesn't seem very cool to me. Is that odd??

On another note, a girlfriend and I were talking about relationships this evening. Every relationship you're in is either moving forward or moving backwards. However, because they are organic states of being, they can't sit still - they stagnate, thus receding (moving backwards). Interesting theory. How does that work in practical application, I wondered? How does that apply to my own dating life? How slow of a pace can you take and still be "moving forward??" I don't really have an answer to this, but I don't wholly disagree. I think at some point, you're sharing space and time more than you're sharing a relationship. The example that comes to mind is I dated a really great guy over the summer. Truly, might be one of the better men I've met in the last few years. We went out several times; but, we never really achieved any real intimacy... I never really felt like I knew him the way you know someone you're in a relationship with. So, though there was time, there was no moving forward. At least, not that I could see.

And then there are those that you'd like to move forward with, but don't know how. What signs do you give? Who gives them? That's the trouble with being a chick - I never know if I'm supposed to sit back and go with the flow or be agressive - it's not like business. Oh well, I'll figure it out or I won't...life will go on quite merrily either way.

By the way, Brokeback Mountain is depressing. Beyond the fact that it was hard to engage in a story about gay cowboys,it was just REALLY sad. For every character in it. Except for maybe the grocery store guy that ended up being Alma's second husband. He seemed to fare pretty well. I'm tired. Time for bed. And I have a ton of candles to blow out still. Night ya'll. :)

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