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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Myspace Migration: Adventures in Wierdness

Current mood:weird
Ok, so it's just kind of been a wierd. Yesterday was a wierd kind of day. First of all, I'm on some wierd sugar kick - typically, not so much into sweet stuff. Lately, I've been all about chocolate... what the heck is wrong with me?? I had to get handmade marshmallows from the bakery next door to our neighborhood so we could have REAL hot chocolate (made by my Tassimo, so not sure how that fits in with the whole 'homemade' thing) and marshmallows. I don't even really like hot chocolate and marshmallows! LOL

And I guess, because I've been working a lot and still kind of getting over being sick, I've been knocking out early. Which is disappointing, because I would have liked to have visited with my brother more than what I've been able to. But, anyway, all I've done is work and sleep for the past week. No insanely late hours singing, blogging, visiting with friends or what have you. So, last night at 1:30, this guy I've gone out with a sum total of once calls me ... total drunk dial. And what do you say to that? "Hey dude, it's Thursday, I'm sleeping and your drunk - call me when it's daylight and you're sober??" Anyway, he went on some wierd kick about how he only needed to be crazy for a little while and he was crazy about me but he only needed to be crazy... anyway, I mouthed off something half-awake about needing to hire a security guard and went back to sleep. He called AGAIN! This time, I turned off the phone. Geesh. It's not even Friday....

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