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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Be Your Own Recruiter pt 2: Creating Your Personal Value Proposition

Part 2 of 8 in the “Unemployed? Be Your Own Recruiter” Series -

Let’s start with a quick, one sentence recap from the last article in the series: “If you’re unemployed; it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take the lead & market (aka: sell) yourself.” That’s the recap… now that we’re caught up, let me say that you don’t have to do it alone; but you should think of yourself as the “Program Manager” for this program of finding a new job. Every aspect should be run by you: Product (you, your resume), Finance (the #s: what you make/need to/want to), Target Market (companies you’re going to be sent to/apply with), and how you’ll be Marketed. Which starts with your Value Proposition.

When you’re engaged in an active job search; it’s important to show potential employers why they should hire you. Of course, one could easily argue that part of success in life – period – is understanding your own personal value & being able to share it. The first step to sharing it is to create what’s called a “Personal Value Proposition” or PVP. Essentially, your PVP is the foundation of your Personal Brand Story – it communicates what others find valuable in you. (1) So, in order to create a successful PVP; you have to be specific & clear on the value you have to offer.

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