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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Roller Coaster Series: Intro

Yesterday I went back to our local amusement park, Six Flags, with my two girls.  Growing up, I loved roller coasters; I remember riding the ShockWave with one of my favorite Aunts over and over again. (1)  It’s a double-loop roller coaster and it was the coolest thing since sliced-bread growing up.  Amazing speeds, quick adrenaline rush, careless fun – pure enjoyment. Couldn’t get enough of it… I didn’t even mind the lines.
Time does what it’s supposed to… it marched on.  I grew up, had children, entered the ‘working world of the responsible’ and became  aware of things like value of time, risk & the comfort of control.  I vowed to stay off motorcycles and would unnecessarily worry about the relative safety of roller coasters. After all, did you hear that story about the kid on the roller coaster who dropped the quarter… I could still have fun at the park; but it was measured, deliberate.. it wasn’t the same....

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