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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Myspace Migration: Customer Service Does Not Read: Hang Up When You're WRONG!

Oh.My. Now, I know I've had previous blogs about the distressing state of customer service these days. But this just BEGGED to be mentioned. Ok, so I'm supposed to get vending machines in the office. No big deal, right? We called this company, DFW Vending Solutions. The guy was super nice, everything seemed fabulous. I was excited.

He was supposed to deliver on Friday. He didn't show up. Ok, stuff happens. He said he'd deliver Monday. Saturday, he left a voicemail at the office he won't be coming Monday. We called and he said, "We'll come Tuesday morning." We reminded him he had to be there before 8am. Ok. We're good to go - excitement back on.

Fast forward to this morning. I get a call, "The delivery people aren't coming." UM... why? Because they can't get here by 8am. I ask, "So are they coming tomorrow?" Um, no. He didn't think it was worth their time to unload the truck at their warehouse and come back again... even though it's his fault that he wasn't here on time and stood us up twice before. I VERY nicely said, "Work through this with me. You scheduled delivery on Friday and didn't show. You scheduled delivery for Monday and then cancelled. We told you building requirements were before 8 and rather than just saying, 'hey traffic stinks and we're not going to make it let's reschedule you say forget it?' I thought people were supposed to try to rectify their mistakes, not walk away from them? We want to work with you - let's just reschedule for after 5, since the morning poses problems for your schedule."

His response? "I see what you're saying. Thank you." Click.

Really? When did Customer Service read: when I feel like helping you IF it helps me? And that seems rather short-sighted as we surely would have made up more than what that guy would have paid. And the way it was left certainly isn't going to gain him recommendations, which seems like that costs business? Ok, more on this later; I have to go to a meeting.

I called Dallas Star Vending. Explained my situation and the guy was out The.Same.Day to survey our site. Sent me an email this morning saying he could provide us with all the drinks we requested, provided me a confirmation time and date for delivery, said our drinks would be stocked when they put the machines in (which the other company had said they weren't sure they could do), AND sent a refund form for our employees when they lost their money (which the other company didn't address at all, so I'm not sure whether they did or not). Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty comfortable right now about having drinks in for our employees next week!!!

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