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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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So, a few things that mean nothing to anyone, nor really make any sense; I just felt like sharing :

Tom Brady is very cute, but now that I know that he left his model girlfriend when she got pregnant for some other model girlfriend, he's a little less so. I agree with Bev, it'd be kind of cool to have a Manning win the Superbowl two years running - even if it were different Mannings, it's still keeping it in the family. I'm not overly impressed with neither the halftime show, nor the commercials. The Disney one I'm watching at the moment isn't half bad, but I don't have a lot of hope for the movie - seems like an animated repeat of that Steve Guttenberg movie. Ok, that's really all I have to say about the Superbowl show.

I like the way my laptop sounds as I'm typing as I type rather fast and the clicky sound is amusing to me. No, I am not drunk. But, I definitely get bonus points for amusing myself. :)

My job is very demanding. I love it, but seriously, I spend my weekends recovering from my work week. I.am.not.complaining - but, seriously, I'm taking some time off at some point this month. One day to clean and one day to hang out and maybe a third day to go on a mini-break - I think I'm in need of it. The question is, since I am a self-admitted workaholic, can I tear myself away from work 3 days in one month? I have found that Friday afternoons and Mondays are the best times to not be at the office. Maybe I'll take a Monday off and go to S.F. for a weekend. Or Houston - there's a stalker I wouldn't mind seeing again with Bev, whose birthday IS just around the corner.

The girls and I had fun with culinary art this weekend at the athletic club. It was really quite cute - we frosted cupcakes and cookies and they created heart-shaped sandwiches. Then we came home and partied like Rockstars with Guitar Hero. They're SOOOOO cute with that!

Nicole lectured me hard-core about my lack of dating and lack of balance in my life. I told her I didn't have time to date and she said that was total B.S. Truthfully, it's probably a little bit of both - I really AM exhausted on weekends and I do not feel great about being gone on weeknights, but I'm probably not really all that interested in it, either. I guess, my fundamental issue with dating is that I want to date one of my friends. Not like -a specific- friend, just that I want to be friends with a guy before I date him. There's a comfort factor there and also, I just really think the best foundation for a relationship is to be friends. I'm sure it could work where you date first and then become friends later, it just seems slightly awkward. And, truthfully, I've been really kind of focusing on me and MY life lately; it's just felt too complicated to get entangled into an 'our' situation. But, I sat down this weekend and thought about what I wanted SHOULD I acquise to the whole idea of dating again:

1) I really want a guy who loves the Lord. I don't care what religion they are (for the most part - I have fundamental issues with Scientology, Catholocism, and Mormanism - not that they're 'wrong,' persay, they're just not right FOR ME and as they're not exactly inclusive religions [most religions are actually exclusive by design, so it's not a suprise or anything], I think they'd pose a problem in a relationship). Anyway, it's the faith that I care about.

2) I want quirky, a little goofy, and imperfect. I'm not a perfect girl, I'm clumsy, my hair is never quite right, and I goof up constantly (How's that for an ad? ha!). I've dated a LOT of guys who were just too darn put together. Clothes were always perfect, hair was perfect, mannerisms? Impeccable. Cultured, some uber-intelligent, with a kick-butt job and you just didn't see a surface flaw. Ok, even if you found out there wasn't some sort of icky secret underneath, that's just intimidating. I think it's kind of cute when guys say something totally dorky or stammer a bit before they answer. Anyway, maybe that doesn't make sense to anyone but me, but that's what I want.

3)I've dated the guy that needed a counselor, the guy who needed money, the guy who needed validation, the guy who couldn't be alone - someone who has their 'stuff' together would be great! Again, not looking for perfect, just someone who doesn't need me to play 'mommy' or 'personal assistant.' And finding someone who likes my soul would be pretty cool, too - but, who doesn't want that? I mean, I've been with the guy who was with me because I was 'hot,' and the guy who was with me because I am successful, and the guy who was with me for my ambition, and anyway, someone who likes me for all of me, rather than just one aspect would be pretty cool.
4)Adventurous, slightly spontaneous, and fun! There's something to be said for the guy who's cool with going out and smoking hooka one weekend and spending a night at the DMA the next and then wandering around Turner Falls because you can and the weather looked nice that day. I like to bowl (even though I'm quite often horrid at it - shoot, need to turn in that tournament information) and people watch. I even enjoy falling on my big ol' behind ice skating and it'd be fun to find someone to do all that with and then have me do their stuff with them!
Yeah, I think that's it. Think it's too much to ask? Now where you'd meet that guy, I have NO idea....

In other news, I've done my taxes. My loathing for the tax system is renewed.
By the by, please friends, do not ask me to eat out for the next six month. My answer will most likely be 'No.' It's terribly unhealthy and I've decided I'm now officially on a health kick and will be focusing hard core on being the healthiest Crystal I can be (as of like 5 minutes ago, so not one word Bev about the soft drink I just consumed). To further that point, I will be working out three days a week at 5am. I've kinda slacked on that. And the uber-stuffed exec chair that Jackie talked me into is being kicked out of my office and only brought back in when I have interviews. I'm going to be working F/T on my exercise ball. Or, I'm just going to abstain from using my office unless I have an interview/meeting and working out of my department's workroom.

I've decided my house needs brick on the inside. I want to brick up my backsplash in the kitchen and create some faux 'exposed brick' patches on various spots in the wall. This house is a booger to paint, but, I think that'd be kind of fun. Of course, I actually need time for that, but...
I'm SOOOO ready for the writers' strike to be over. And I cannot believe how much I do not care about the Superbowl this year.

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