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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Myspace Migration: Bahahahaha! My Life Makes Me Giggle...

Ok, so, right after I say I want to go on vacation and I think I might be ok with the whole dating thing and I want to take some time off work....

My kid gets sick. I have to take time off work, but not to relax... to watch sick kid and kind of half-work from home (I CAN work from home like nobody's business, but I'm not going to pretend I've been particularly productive today - mostly, I responded to emails and took a few phone calls). So, now I will definitely not be taking off two days for no good reason.
Kid being sick has put me behind work again, so I will be working most of the weekend to catch up. This reminds me of the time I don't have to date.
Vacation? The weekend I wanted to go out of town and the only weekend I could due to weekend schedule with the kiddos, I will be going to a work function. It'll be fun and I'm not complaining - but I will definitely NOT be going out of town that weekend.
On an up note? I organized my fridge today. It's very pretty.

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