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Monday, December 24, 2007

Myspace Migration: Because it's Too Funny NOT to Mention

So, in olden days when you had problem children, you raised them quietly and then lived a life where people thought that perhaps you were the sweet, barren couple who didn't have kids. You kept kinda mum.
In some kind of cosmic funny, LYNN SPEARS is putting out a *pause for me to have another fit of laughter* PARENTING BOOK. Bahahahahahaha! What in the name of the holy trinity makes this woman think that she's fit on ANY level to give "normal parents" advice on how to rear children? Was it the bang up job she did with Brittney? (1) Or, perhaps, it's the loving open relationship she has with now knocked-up daughter Jamie Lynn.... Seriously, what do they put in the water out there? When it first was announced that Jamie, at the tender age of SIXTEEN, was in the family way; the publishers put the book on hold, indefinitely. This restored some faith I had in the publishing world.

Ahem. Hold that hope.
The book is BACK ON and now will be published directly. We are straight on the way to hell, people and I don't see pavers of good intentions. Jamie Lynn. Parenting Book. Must.Go.Laugh.Till.Throw.Up.Now.
(1) See also, definition for white trash - she really should just give it up and embrace it. You've hit a new low when your nanny doesn't feel comfortable leaving you with the children because you have no juice, no milk, and no food AT ALL in your massive sub-zero.

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