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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Myspace Migration: Join Me In Some Random Thoughts

First of all, if you have showtime/shotime (however's it's spelled, I'm far too lazy to actually look it up), then you MUST check out the Tudors tonight. Now, I'm sure my love of the Tudors and Anne Boyeln has something to do with it. I wrote several papers on Anne and the Tudors in school; they fascinate me. Henry VIII was the most fascinating man. Anne was a brilliant strategist and schemer; you have to respect that on some level. As everyone who knows me truly well knows, I look to Elizabeth I for most of the lessons I want to learn on leadership. LOVE the book Elizabeth I, CEO; you absolutely should read it if you have management aspirations or are in a position to try and gain influence over others or a number of other reasons. Anyway, I'm sure all of that has to do with it. So, check out the series: The Tudors. It's on tonight at 9pm. I'm PSYCHED!

Having the sex talk with the girls this week - I think I've mentioned that. Changed my mind on which book to intially used. Decided to go with Where Did I Come From? instead of the American Girl book. I am using the American Girl Books The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls to discuss the finer points of periods, sweating, pimples and boobies... as well as their Feelings Book and the Smart Girl's Guide to Sticky Situations to discuss things like jealousy, peer pressure, and emotions. These books all come highly recommended from the child psychologist I've been talking to, as well as their pediatrician and the reviews are (as you can see, excellent). We began broaching the subject this evening; I know what they know, and it's nebulous at best and misguided for the most part. Thus the change to the Where did I Come From? book. It has cartoonish illustrations with this fat little married couple that will show enough that they understand without being terribly pornographic in nature or threatening. I think, though, this is going to be a series of cocoa discussions - as opposed to one long talk. I expect we'll be discussing this pretty much every night for the balance of this week. And then we'll probably move on next week to something far more interesting for them and less stomach turning for ME. :)

Mooching off Bev's "I is Smert" post - I is, too, smurt! So, I think everyone that knows me has heard that my phone was making no noise this weekend. I jacked with the settings, tried everything I could think of... everything except the fabulous little "silent" switch at the top of the phone that I forgot I turned off. I'm.Utterly.Retarded. Figured that out tonight... and cracked up.

Time to get out the rasberries and pour the champagne - The Tudors will be on soon! :)

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