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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Myspace Migration: You Know You're A Single Parent When...

... you get geeked up about being able to use your "Adult Dishes" - aka my china settings. I love them. They're white, simple, and go with anything I'm cooking. I even have various chargers to put underneath them, depending on the setting. When I was married, I used them regularly when we had dinner parties with my friends, family and neighbors. Since my divorce, not so much. I was a little amused at how excited I was to use my adult dishes - I typically use my PB Earthenware. Actually, I would have last night, too... except I used them for the PTA Champagne Thursday the night before and forgot to run the dishwasher. And let me tell you; hell will freeze over before I hand-wash dishes I don't HAVE TO.

It dawned on me: I've lived in this house for nearly 2 years. I haven't used them ONCE. I just don't really entertain at my house like I used to - we're always in Dallas. But, it felt good to unpack them and let them see the light of day. I think I've decided to have people over to eat at least once a month from now on. One, it gives me a chance to cook fun meals for my friends - which is important to me and it's been too long since I've done it - and two, I'll get to use my "Adult Dishes" more often.

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