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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Myspace Migration: I.Am.Such.A.Snob! LOL

Ok, so there was this guy that sort-of-kind-of intruiged me on True, so I decided I was going to email him. I haven't yet, because I got completely distracted filling out the profile (which took FORever). Afterwards, I decided to puruse who was "looking for me" because I kind of remembered that I really don't have time to date. In fact, there are still people I'm trying to find time to meet!

I was SO cracking up at people not paying attention to their spelling! Is it just me, or are people slightly less attractive when they can't discern 'through' from 'threw' from 'thru?' Or 'your's,' 'you'res,' and 'yours?' Or incorrectly spells the easy words like 'stolcker' for 'stalker?' It just kind of seems to me, that if I were trying to attract someone, I'd take pride in my words. Use capitalization, proper spelling, and punctuation. Grammar I'm not as strict on, because truly, proper sentence structure is evidently subjective. It's dependent on what school of English you were taught. What I was taught in English I in High School was quite different from what I was taught in College. What I was taught in College was quite different than what my ex-husband was taught in the very same class. Go figure.

I think part of it is that it's distracting when someone 'rights' a sentence with no real sense of purpose because frankly it doesnt end or flow like a normal conversation Because really the person writing it hasn't put forth the effort to make it structured. Call me old-fashioned, but I've got a thing for commas and periods. It just brings order to the chaos! :) I asked someone about this once and they said it was 'free-association.' I couldn't help but wonder, "Is sentence structure and basic English really that logically constraining?"

Moving on, the other thing I really have to question is people on dating sites who DON'T fill out the profile. Here's my question on this: what is the point? If you don't provide me a reason to email you - why would I? Are you really THAT stunning that I'm going to completely ignore the fact that I know precisely the same amount about you as I do someone in my neighborhood that I see at our gym?? Just kind of seems to me that if you want people to date you, you kind of have to provide some kind of detail. Someone emailed me this evening - NOTHING about him on his profile. Which isn't the end of the world, it just made me ask a lot of questions and honestly, it just made it so that he wasn't immediately interesting. Not to say he never could be, but it certainly didn't put his best foot forward!

Finally, in my laughable rant about dating profiles, I have one other question. What is with the large people of the world who list themselves as 'large' or 'very large' and 'less than average' who only to date 'slender' and 'very attractive' people? This doesn't bother me as much as it baffles me, on two points: One, isn't that slightly hypocritical? That, of course, leads to the second point of - aren't great relationships supposed to be equitable? I mean, there's no real good way to say this ... so, I'll just come out with it: If you're going to be that unfairly superficial with your wants (and yes, I do think there's an inequity when a rather large person ONLY wants to date a slender person or someone who thinks they're ugly MUST date an uber-attractive person - seems like compensation for poor self-esteem)... where's the pay-off for the other party? I mean, what in your mind thinks that's going to work? I'm not really saying it will or it won't - I'm just kind of intruiged with the thought process. What compensates for the inequity, in their mind? I think Bev and I came up with money - that maybe they feel if they're 'banking,' everything else is irrelevant. The sad thing is, I'm sure that's true for some people.

For me, appearance isn't THAT big of a deal. I'm not going to lie, it plays into it: I don't want to date someone who's morbidly obese - it's unhealthy and indicative of a larger problem. But I don't care if someone's bald (that's actually kind of cute), what color your hair is or if you have love handles. Lord knows I'm far from perfect, so who am I to judge? Besides, as I always say... we're all wrinkly when we're old.. it's the personality, common interests, and friendship that lasts. THAT's what's important.

Ok, re-reading this, I am a complete dating snob, aren't I?

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