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Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's About Your Voice...

Over the last few days, I had someone ask me why I write. After all, it's not my "job" and does anyone really care about what one person thinks, anyway? And, it's not like I'm an "expert" in any of the subjects I write in (mostly relationships, life as a single chick in Dallas/Fort Worth, parenting, and fashion). Gotta say, it's a thought-provoking line of questioning... one that doesn't offend me in the least. Here's my answer:

"The unexamined life is not worth living." ~Aristotle

I'm not a journalist by trade; don't expect I ever will be. But, I wholly disagree that I'm not an "expert" in any of the subjects I write about. Why? Because I write about
ME... and who knows more about that subject than I do? My writing is my voice on the subjects that I find capitvating. It's how I make my voice heard (1) and I personally think we all have a responsibility to examine our lives, see what we stand for, and make our voices heard. Now how you want to make it heard? Totally up to each individual - some people sing, some write, some grumble, some do it through the clothes they wear each day. There's dozens of ways to express that which you have examined; the point is that you do it. I'm pretty sure the stuff I write about isn't going to set the world on fire; but I enjoy it and hope some of you get a kick out of it as well. :) If I'm really lucky, then a couple of people will relate to something I've touched on and it'll spur self-examination... or at least a good conversation. But that's about as much as I've ever hoped for with it.

Writing has been an enjoyable creative outfit for me that's actually paid off, too. I've been given the opportunity to go to fun events in order to write about them later; and have been given free products to review and be photographed in. (2) Neither of which I ever expected when I started; but certainly get a kick out of! Mostly, though? Writing has helped create and strengthen some really great friendships. People can relate to what you share - and that's how we build relationships. And that's what I do: I build relationships, on all different levels, for a living, through networking people together through points of commonality. Guess it makes sense I'd do it for myself as well, right??

Make it a great day, folks; hope you take a chance to express your voice today

(1) well, that and my facebook; which is the vehicle for the rest of it, right?
(2) promotion rocks and God bless the marketing folks that are looking to exploit the 'everyday girl.' ;)

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