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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Myspace Migration: Ramblings from the Sinus Stricken

Ah, I think I should start with the last part and work forward. I'm in love. Seriously, it's wonderful. My new beau? Tylenol. Tylenol Sinus, to be exact. Good gracious, there was actually swooshing going on in my head and ears that sounded like rapids when I woke up. I felt hopeless; but, then Tylenol swooped in and saved me. I still don't feel stellar, but at least I'm kinda functional. :) Functional meaning I am sitting up and I can take Bev to go get her car without fear of passing out - because evidently, they don't deliver it. :)

I had So.Much.Fun this weekend. Not that this is unusual, but it was grown-up, calm fun. Well, Saturday on was. Friday I acted like a teen and played Guitar Hero all night with Ryan. :) Saw some great Christmas decorations, some even greater houses, and found out that yes, I am still lousy at darts. Unlike bowling, where one day I woke up and realize if I just applied some simple geometry, my average would go up from 68 to something substantially better (130-ish, by the way). Anyway, got to go to what is fast becoming one of my favorite haunts - or at least, strongly preferred - and had outstanding company while doing it.

So, this guy I had been talking to totally made me laugh. We dated for a brief moment like 4 years ago. We talk now and again; he's a great guy and I'm glad he's my friend. We were talking about types of girls... you know how it goes - there's the fun girl, the bombshell you just feel lucky to be with, the friend type, and then there's me. I'm -evidently- the 'grown-up' girl - the one you date when you decide you're done randomly dating. Hmm. Not sure I would have classified myself that way. Is he right?

Maybe he is? I guess I am kind of living a 'grown-up' life. I work, raise kids, secretly read books and magazines on how to fix up my house, and feel like I've had an exciting evening when I spend a night at the museum (which I never seem to have time to do anymore), or go grab a glass of wine at Lochrann's. But, is that so bad? Seriously? But 'grown up relationship?' Still kinda feels like a slap. LOL Can I visit the 'fun girl' room?? LOL *Sniffle* Might be time for another fling with tylenol.

So, I have a business idea that really is brill - it's not new, but it's brilliant. I see all the off-shoots of it, but I feel a little bad because it might border on morbid? we'll see....

In another note of randomness, I'm watching PS I love You - totally am not a romance movie kind of girl, but there are some kick arse sarcastic lines in this one. For example:

"I have a social disorder. I don't have a filter, I just say whatever pops into my head."

"You're rude?"

"Yeah, but now I can call it a disease and they make pills for it."

"They make pills for rudeness?"

"Yeah, I know, right? They can make a pill to keep me from being rude, but they can't figure out the middle east. Go figure..."

Brilliant. And now I must go fix my hair and wake up my kid. And oh yeah, kiss up to my new beau. ;) I need to get back into the swing of writing, so maybe the next one will be better.

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