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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Myspace Migration: Pushing Paper in Politics, Reverse Racism, & Of Course, The Economy

Pretty much everything that's a) not paying my bills, b) holding my heart (talking about my girls - my youngest turns 10 on Thursday!!), or c) attracting my interest (and yes, that would be a half-hearted stab at boys/boy toys, lol)....
There's a push in local governments (actually, it's a nationwide thing, but it's done on the county level) to encourage voters not to use the computerized ballots; instead, pushing paper ballots to ensure accuracy. While this totally reminds me of the Robin Williams movie, Man of the Year; it also doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to me given the 2004 debaucle. I don't think the issue there was electronic voting, was it? And it still managed to get screwed up - so, I don't think I agree that the electronic voting machines are 'compromising the sacrosanctity of the American Voting System' (As was suggested sometime this weekend by someone on CNN- or one of those news channels).
Use whatever method you want - just get out there and make your voice heard. Going with my 'drama queen/energy vampire' blog from earlier; if you don't engage, you lose the right to complain when you don't like what happens next.
Speaking of voting, I can't shake the vomiticious feeling I get each time I think about the people that are voting for Obama simply because he's an African-American. Voting for the 'electrifying shockwave' that will come from the history-making placement of a black person to that office. Let me say, while I agree it's a positive testament to where our Country has advanced to that we could do that - it's still feeling like a form of reverse racism to me when that card is played. Voting for Obama because he's black, or McCain because he's got the 1st female VP... it's no different than not voting for them for the same reason. If someone told you they wouldn't vote for Obama because of his race, or McCain due to Palin's gender - you'd be incensed, and rightly so. Because things over which we have absolutely no control should not be a factor in something as sacrosanct (proper usage of that word there) being the leader of one of the most powerful Nations in the world. Any political office, really - I think we've, as a society, trivialized the importance of what they're doing. It's a governing position - government? Leadership? The people we vote into office need to know.what.they're.doing - because we? Often don't. Your race and your gender will not, should not, qualify you alone. So why does it come up?
Tomorrow is the anniversary of Black Monday - the market crash of 1987. It will be interesting to see what it does and how the market reacts to some of the news we've had since closing Friday. We are clearly in a recession in some parts of the Country, if not the Country in whole. There's no denying that - and it kind of makes me think of the candidates in play for President. I REALLY am concerned about McCain's strategy for balancing the budget - even if he does manage to figure out how to balance what could be as much as a Trillion.Dollar.Deficit, he won't be able to do it without massively compromising the Treasury, will he? How do you lower taxes, or make strategic tax cuts, without reducing the amount of money coming into the treasury? If we're going to balance the budget - won't the Treasury need more, not less? So, maybe you ... do what? What can you do that won't ultimately devalue the dollar??
Thoughts? Care to share your own concerns about politics or the economy? As always, you're welcome to post a comment here or send me a message. :) Now I'm going to log off and contemplate narcisism. Night!

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