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Friday, November 30, 2007

Myspace Migration: Weather's Getting in My Way

Current mood:cold
I NEED to be working right now. Now ask me if I am. *Nope* Why? Supposed bad weather. Doesn't seem that bad to me, but the kids left school at noon. So they're stuck inside, with NO homework, making way too much noise. Oh, well. Maybe I'll make them take a nap soon or something so I can make some calls. They're just hyper because they're out of school - I probably would be if I were a kiddo, too!
Ok. Question: if a teenager gets pregnant (think like still in high school, living with your parents kind of thing) - does the boy that was involved have a legal responsbility to help support said kid? If so, who does that burden fall on - the boy or the boy's parents?? Just wondering. It's amazing the random junk I thought of while putting my tree up.

Speaking of randomness, I heard Hinder's "Lips of an Angel." That has got to be the stupidest freaking song on the planet. The music sounded kind of nice - but, the words RUIN it!! The song's all about these people having an affair - FALLEN angel, maybe.

Going to make another attempt at getting them quiet so I can get some work done. Oh yeah... Hey, Ms. Thang - my response can be heard on my page... ball's back in your court, baby!! :p

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