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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Myspace Migration: Just Some Tumbleweed Thoughts

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Let me start off with this: I don't think this cold is EVER going away. Much like the Mucinex commercials, I think it's hung photos, planted a garden, and is now adding a second story to the residence it's set up inside my head and lungs. I can't even COUGH anymore...

How many of us get the opportunity to look back on the precise moment that our life changed directions? How many of those moments do you get in a lifetime? It seems to me, I've had few. And with each different direction I've taken, there's been a defined moment in time that I knew even in that moment, I'd remember for ever. In the movies, they make memories (the important ones) seem like this reel of tape you reflect fondly on now and again, or you can recall in some sort of hazy distance. For me, each of those moments genuinely feel like they were seared into my being. Every detail, every moment - good or bad, it's crystalline. I can't remember the things leading up to it, or even what specifically happened right after... but, the 'ah-ha, I'm going THIS way' moment is pristine. I just find that insteresting.
Work has been... busy. I enjoy it, still, and am glad I went in that particular direction - despite the distinct possibility that I'm driving my team a little crazy with the last minute projects we're working though. But, it definitely keeps it interesting. It looks like my views are once again being published in a couple of different magazines - one's out, the other will be out next month. I haven't read how I read in them, but will gladly share it once I'm sure I don't look like a dufus.

I have the whole weekend to myself. I don't remember the last time I had 1.5 days of noone around me. I concede, I'm pretty excited. Everyone who knows me knows I'm a VERY social person; I thrive one the bustle of people, conversation, energy that flows when a bunch of people are together... but, I'm.Worn.Out. I need to recharge my batteries and let me brain... rest. So, I have a very thrilling weekend of getting my hair done (I will be bringing my mp3 player and a book, so I don't have to chit-chat), cleaning my house, and doing some space planning with a glass of Tempranillo and a week's worth of TIVO'd stuff..... I may very well not even answer my phone this weekend. I'm stoked. Really.

But, for now, I think I'm going to let the dogs out, go get my Pumpkin Vanilla Soy Latte (OMGosh, thanks to Lora for suggesting that - it's awesome and she's a rockstar for cluing me in on that. Another good one she clued me in to is Peppermint Vanilla Soy... yum! No whip.), and go walk.... until I'm tired of it or my lungs protest from all the extra weight that's slushing around in there. Ewww...
I have had all these things I was going to blog about this week, and haven't had the time... maybe I'll get some of that in a coherent blog this weekend, too!

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