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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Myspace Migration: On The Lighter Side of News

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... whenever I'm sick, I watch a lot of news. It's on, it won't turn your brain to mush like much of daytime TV (although Frasier in the morning is always a treat). We all know about Anna Nicole, shame her heart was inflamed... so, I won't talk anymore about her. Would be redundant. Here are the stories that caught my attention, though:

1) Dog eats $5k wedding ring. They got it back; they had the pilfering pooch throw it up. My thought on that is... the poor woman who owns that ring undoubtably saw said dog throw that thing up and now she has to WEAR IT. Wouldn't the vision of that event that was, no doubt, seared into her mind's eye make it just plain ookey to wear that ring day in and out? I don't know, I think I might trade that thing in for an upgrade that hadn't seen the lining of a pit bull's stomach...

2) Ten-year-old is aiming to get a bill passed that would ban smoking in cars. He's using the premise that we're currently (and in some places, successfully) passing bans on using a cell-phone (and other things which I have since forgotten) in your car - how is that any different than using one of your available hands to hold and smoke a cigarette? Good call, kid. While his parents apparently do not smoke, he said he saw children in other cars where adults were smoking and it's not fair that children be subjected to that. Again, good call, kid. I personally hope that measure passes, though I'm not sure it will.

The Wedding Racket is starting to gear up again for yet another season. I'm seeing an increase in jewelry commercials, cruise lines, Sandals commercials and advertisments by wedding shops. Now, it could be coincidental since my dear friend Jackie is getting married, but oi! That is such a big business that's very good at ripping you off. Because, really, I'm not sure that anyone can feel perfectly happy at spending 130k on a party ... especially when a lot of these people have to go into hock for it and don't yet own their own house. Why don't they own a house? Because they decided to have a wedding.

By the way, my benefactor status at Starbucks has now been approved... now I'm aiming for "Patron Saint." Wish me luck, I'm off for cofee...

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