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Friday, February 23, 2007

Myspace Migration: Drowning In My Medium-Sized Drink

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Ok, time for a little honesty: I didn't watch "Super-Size Me." It's hard enough to look at myself in the mirror and not grimace at the remembrance of the french fries I scarfed down on my way to whatever; much less watch someone who intentionally eats at Mickey-D's three times a day. It just kind of made my stomach turn every time I thought about it, so I skipped it.

I'm not a big fan of hamburger joints. I can't eat a hamburger without enduring MASSIVE heartburn later on; so, typically, I just skip it. Chick-Fil-A is my weak spot when it comes to drive-thrus... well, and Starbucks, of course (though that coffee joint at Lebanon and the Tollway is quickly creeping up on my lists of favs). Tonight, though, I had to go back up to the office (still here, actually) and was totally jonesing for red meat... a good old fashioned hamburger. So, of course, I go to Wendys. Order my Old Fashioned Hamburger, and hold the bacon please. The guy asks if I want a medium-sized drink. "Sure," I say innocently, "Because there's no need for a large, right?" (Besides, they don't have my diet drink, so I'm having to drink regular Calorie-enriched DP)

Get to the window, hand them my card ... and I get back my bag o' food and this MAMMOTH drink. "Sir... um... I asked for a medium."

"Right... medium." The guy nods at the small swimming pool I'm holding in my hand.

"THIS...(I gesture at my drink).... is a medium?" My eyes are nearly as large as the drink and I'm praying I've got tums at the office, because I know I'll probably drink the whole darn thing (it's here - waste not, want not).

The fast-food worker shrugs, annoyed that I'm questioning him. "That's a medium lady; I don't know what to tell you." Then, realizing I'm questioning the rationale of something bigger than my head being called a medium he grins and adds, "You should see the large."

Um...no. No, I shouldn't. Because I think I understand the problem behind America's obseity problem - we have a very distorted reality. Our perceptions are skewed because everything has become so subjective. In the race to provide consumers the best "value," we've lost touch with reality and destroyed any standard we could go by. Unfortunately, while we might get an extra 12 ounces at Wendy's for a nickle less than at McD's (no clue whether that's true, by the way, as I typically order bottled Water from drive-thrus if I'm getting something besides coffee)... it's not really a value. Unless, of course, you want that extra fat roll to keep warm for the winter.

I guess I should get back to work now, huh? It'd be nice to go home at some point this evening. :)

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