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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Myspace Migration: Random Acts of Kindness.. And Then

So, on the way home from the girls we often drive through this town. We've been through it a million times before and I love going through it because I get to see gorgeous houses and drive through Starbucks (1). Today, we drove through Starbucks, and Natalie and I wanted tea. Good for sore throats. :) Anyway, we were behind a black Lexus... which, would not be important at all, except when I went to pay I found out he had already paid for my order! Now that we're set up, there are three things that I'd like to communicate:

1) I instantly wanted to know who had paid for my drink, why they paid for my drink, and did they say they knew me? I'll address this more in a moment, but I'm pretty sure the Starbucks chick thought I was crazy. Heck, -I- almost thought I was crazy.

2) I decided it was a total "Pay it Forward" moment and paid for the latte that the guy behind me had ordered. I totally got the better end of the bargain, at least by the standard of the dollar amount... but, I'd like to fancy that he paid for the car behind him and we went all the way down the line that way. Because I? Am Pollyanna.

3) Picking back up on the first item, I know exactly 2 people that live in that city. One of whom I don't speak to anymore - well, actually, I guess I don't speak to either of them anymore, but one is more like, "I'll talk to her when hell freezes over and Satan brings me ice skates." (2) The other one? For a good long time, I thought he was THE one. If I believed in soulmates, I'd probably think he was mine. We had so much in common, there was a comfort and a feeling that I just hadn't felt with anyone before and I'm pretty sure I haven't felt it with anyone since. And yes, I hope I'm wrong, because that? Would be down right depressing. He was (3) an amazing guy, though, even with the serious flaws in our relationship. But, anyway, for a brief moment there was the flash of, "OH-my-goodness, no. It cannot be - was I behind HIM?" And then I remembered he is not a Lexus guy - or, at least, he wasn't. I guess he could be now, it's been awhile. Sometimes I wonder if I was crazy for ending it - but, when I remembered why I ended it and no, not crazy. Was totally the right thing to do at the time. And even if it wasn't, it's done now, right? Right.

Anyway, I remembered that it was Mother's Day and chalked it up to that... probably some guy who's own Mother was far away and wanted to do something nice for some other Mom - my kids were with me, after all. It was kind of a nice thing to do, huh? I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day!

(1) A girl has to have her priorities...
(2) How's that for Pollyanna? Shut up, I already know I'm a walking contradiction in terms.
(3) I guess, as I'm fairly certain he's not dead, he still -IS- an amazing guy.

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