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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Enjoy Being a Girl...

So, they're talking about me on the news right now... well, so not ME specifically, but people like me. There's a name for us "Shoppinghaulers." We're the people that take our fashion finds online & share them with the masses. I actually used to do this quite a lot (as those that are connected to me via FB could attest to); but have less so over the last several months as my wardrobe really rounded out and there wasn't the NEED to go buy a bunch of clothes/shoes/jewelry all the time.

Love doing it, though; and as I just discovered that I now fit WELL into my nightie from last spring's pajama fashion show? I'm soooo likely to start doing a little more 'fashion flaunting' on FB & my blog... sharing some of the new trends/bargains that I come across this year. If you can ever get me out of my pjs, that is (1).

Speaking of clothes, after my closet reorganization, I found that there were a few fashion casualties after my recent relationship demise. The bra that goes along with aforementioned nightie (from Soma, which is awesome)? Missing. Black sheer robe and coordinating nightgown? Missing. Where is it? Who knows... Reason to go shopping? Yes... Yes, I think so! :)

My friend Lalli wrote in HER blog (2) about getting more comfortable with oneself as we age. I like this. It's healthy & life is just more fun when we are comfortable in our own skin. I'm not going to lie, I'm still hyper-critical of my body - I know every flaw & there are plenty, lol - but, I'm more accepting of that which I cannot change these days. Besides, as a girl, the one thing we have going for us above men is that there ARE fashion finds to fix practically any flaw... as long as we're clothed. There are bras that can transform your cleavage into whatever you want it to through lifting, sculpting, adding, reducing; 'scuba suit' spanx that suck/slenderize, built-in toning clothes, pants that add bootay if you don't have it (3), enough make-up to completely transform your face... men don't have this. And they're ok with it. I applaud them for their comfort or resignation to their own body-images; but for me? I'll continue to invest in good bras, a couple smoothing scuba-suits, my Mystic spray-tans, & leave the rest up to my gym membership. And that works for me; so, I guess that's what counts.

Fashion Find to Check Out: White House Black Market (of course) - Beaded Halter Dress Style No. 570020525. It's now on sale for $59.99! I have this and LOVE what it does for the cleavage! Pair it with a 'privacy panel' from Impeccable Pig - or Target if you don't have one of those nearby - & the Very Sexy Halter Bra from Victoria's Secret & you are good to go for a great night on the town!

(1) Seriously, I think I woke up the kids squealing with excitement - it's fab when something that used to fit perfectly but then didn't? Once again fits EXACTLY like it's supposed to!!! :)

(2) Which I love & you should check out ("This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things")

(3) a problem I'll NEVER have

(4) in a size FOUR, thank you very much!