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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Myspace Migration: 29 on the 29th!

Since I only do that ONE TIME in my whole life, I'm gonna wear it out: I'm 29 and it's the 29th. Anyway, I AM 29 and here is an exerpt of the things I've learned in the last year:

Life was actually more fun when I worked out. Guess I should start that up again.
There are around 1000 calories in every starbucks drink I consume - so, I cut down to 4 a week instead of 7.

It takes an inordinately long time to say goodbye to most people. It's just not as simple as "Talk to you later" and "Ok, Bye!" Seriously, here's what it's sounded like over the last year:
"Well, thanks ever so for calling. We'll talk soon."

"No problem; glad I could be of help. Have a good (week/weekend)."
"You too; Bye now."
"I will; say hello to your kids for me."
"Oh, cool - thanks; will do. Back at you. Talk to you later!"
"I will - you know my kid (insert quasi-interesting thing here; made less so by the fact that I REALLY have to [pee/dosomethingelse/getoffthephone])..."
"No, really? That's great! Ok, well talk to you later!"
"Yeah, ok - have a good (week/weekend)!"
(Thinking, "Man, we've DONE this part already!") "K, Buh-bye!!"
This excludes the normal ramp-down time that I need in order to end any and all conversation. This is AFTER that (yeah, Bev, I know what you were thinkin'!)
Continuing on with the things I've learned....

Diet Soda is really kind of a wash - it just really makes you want to have something that IS sweet because your mind is tricked into thinking you actually did something good by swigging battery acid that has no calories. I resolve for my birthday to quit them again - because the reports are right: you do lose about 10 pounds the first year that you're off soda and really, it's horrifically bad for you... put some on a penny. Anything that cleans the crud off a penny is PROBABLY NOT something I want in my digestive system. See? With age does come wisdom.
It does no good at all to get irritated by the fact that the people at the drive-thru window can practically never understand me. Now I just make "Wha-wah-wha-wahhwah-wha" noises into the speaker in Charlie-Brown-fashion, like it's some kind of game and see how they like the favor returned. I then tell them I'm coming to the window to order and we both win. They get my order and I don't have to repeat it three times. Try it, seriously, it's amusing and a stress reliever.

When it comes to dating, it takes about three months for 'crazy' to come out and play. I'm old enough now to KNOW it; but not yet old enough to know how to FIX it. So..... not dating right now (which is fine, because I'm not quite to the point I have the time to anyway!)

Speaking of, I've learned that the resoounding, reoccuring themes in my life are "I've got the kiddos" and "I don't have time for (whatever it is)..." So, I think I'm moving. Close to work; so I WILL have more time for my kids and hopefully that will translate into more time for everything else....

I've learned I love Chicos - the biggest size anyone can ever be there is a "3" - and I'm not. I'm a "2" - don't ask me what that translates to in real-people sizes, because that's what's making me like that store right now... I don't HAVE to deal with real-people sizes! :p With age comes the wisdom to know to avoid the things that depress or just plain tick you off....

So, for my birthday... today I'm going to hang with my girls and my family. Next Friday night, I think I'm doing Karaoke - it's either going to be at Dukes in Frisco if they really WILL let you rent a karaoke room or at a japanese karoake house (and yes, Bev, you WILL have to come, anyway, because it's my birthday... you're the FORMER diva and can definitely deal for one night with no stage, right??? Besides, you'll always be center stage because I think you're the best singer out of all of us! :)

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