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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Myspace Migration: I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends....

Well, maybe the help they've offered lately is mostly moral support, but whatever... I.LOVE.MY.FRIENDS!! I just wanted to take an opportunity to say "THANK YOU!!" to all of my fabulous friends who have waited anxiously with me, cheered me on, checked my email, sent me stuff, groused at me when I was being impatient, etc... ya'll have been great through this whole changing jobs thing.

So, I accepted a position with Sotherby Homes to head up their Human Resources and Recruiting efforts. I'm extremely excited and grateful to be joining SUCH an amazing company and team. It's been a really busy week and will be even moreso in the next two; but, this is my official notice that I want to have everyone out in the next month for fajitas, drinks, and water fun. Ok, well, water fun is optional.. but, I want to do something with the crew. My birthday is only 50-some-odd days away (see counter) - but, I don't want to wait that long!! :)
Ok, I'm going to go have a congratulatory dinner with some of my friends now. Later!

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