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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Myspace Migration: Change is In the Air....

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I have spring fever, I think... or I'm burned out from work, not sure which. LOL Some major change is in the air; I can feel the winds a' blowin'! So, stay tuned in the next few weeks as I unfurl my plan to take over the world! ha!

In other news, I guess I put myself back in the game - because the girl that said she was 'benched' agreed to a second date Monday evening. Nothing big, we're just going to have dinner, but still... I guess that officially puts me back in the game, right? Well, maybe a second-stringer or something....

I just want to say, that anyone who's looking for a new workout program, should check out The Core workouts - you know, the one with the ball and Nick Lachey that they sell on TV? Amanda and I have been doing that in the mornings and let me tell you, it kicks our collective and individual butts! Seriously though, it's a good workout.
Finally, I want to address Government Workers. Specifically, the Government Workers at the Child Support Office. I called because they're taking too much out of Jason's check. Not like obnoxiously overpaying me, but they're overpaying me none the less. I told Jason about it, but two months later, of course they're still taking out the same amount. And I don't want them 10 years from now asking me to pony up 4 grand because he paid more than he should. Ok... first of all, I had to give our case information THREE TIMES - which, let's face it, is extremely obnoxious. And serves no purpose. But, yet, I had to do it anyway - first with the recorded system, then with the first tier of CSR and then with the second tier. When I asked why, the first tier literally said, "MMm,mm?" with the syllabic sound of "I don't know." But, she didn't SAY "I don't know" she said "MM,mm." WTH? So, I asked the second tier - she said she didn't have access to the first tier's information. Here's the exchange from there:

I said: "But you KNOW I talked to her, right?"

"Yes, ma'am. You can't get to me without talking to the first tier of CSR."

"Ok, so you know SHE verified my information and she's really the second one because the recorded system did it before I was even allowed to talk to her."

"Yes, ma'am. How can I help you today?"

"Really? That's it? You're not even going to attempt to explain the logic behind this to me?"


"Oh. ... Well okay, then... so my ex-husband is overpaying on his child support - well, at least on what you guys are taking out...."
What passes for Customer Service these days is really quite laughable. And I get that they have all kinds of crappy people giving them a hard time and they get the brunt of everyone else's bad day but A) they CHOSE that job, they get the baggage that goes with it [we ALL deal with that] and B).... I forgot what B was. I'm hungry. Ok, off to make myself a Southwest Egg White Omlette. Enjoy your Sunday Morning - did I mention how I love Sunday Mornings??

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