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Friday, October 8, 2010

Kaye/Bassman Foundation Charity Raffle Letter

Hope all is well. Like you, my professional career has been varied but ‘very’ fufilling. J One of the things that makes working at Kaye/Bassman so special are the number of people that participate in our charitable functions, it’s something like 82%. Our impact is significant for a company our size. For example, last year the largest contributor in the Dallas Area for Muscular Dystrophy was Albertson’s (Rev $3B). The Kaye/Bassman Foundation was second. This is a long way for me to say that I need you to participate in this year’s charity event by purchasing a $30 raffle ticket. If you can do more, thank you. I would like to get 100% participation from those who I am asking to contribute. The marquee raffle item is a seven night stay at the Grand Mayan Resort in Cabo San Lucas. It could potentially be a downgrade from the home you live in, but it’s a very cool destination…. And who doesn’t like free vacation stays??You can do this online. Please click on this link and get started. It will take you 3 minutes: http://www.kbiccharities.com/ You can also see other raffle items here.

This is important to me. The other charity that the Kaye/Bassman Foundation supports is City House. The Mission of City House is to provide emergency shelter and transitional residential services to children and young adults who are in need due to abuse, neglect or homelessness. City House achieves this mission through its two premier programs: My Friend’s House (Emergency Shelter for 0-17 year olds) and TRIPS (Transitional Living Program for 16-23 year olds). This is the only program that I’m aware of in Texas that has the capability of really keeping these child family units together (which is part of their mission) during times of crisis.

For many included in this email, you may remember Ashley Watrous; the beautiful little girl who went to Providence Elementary and was accidently killed by her Father at Christmas time last year. She was friends with my daughter and many of our own children. City House/My Friend’s House is the organization that cared for her siblings… and was THE reason they were able to stay together and not shipped to separate, temporary foster homes. They helped those poor children grieve and process their sister’s death (in addition to caring for them physically) when they didn’t have family to do it… they made a positive, immediate impact in those children’s lives. Without City House, there is no way those kids would have stayed together like they needed – there just isn’t another organization in Texas set up to do it.

So, again, this is important and personal to me. I’m asking that you help us make a difference by please doing what you can. When you have time, give me a call. It will be good to speak with you.

Thanks and best wishes,
cmiller@kbic.com 972.931.5242

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