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Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's Crystal Clear...

that blogging on Facebook? So not going to happen; because my kids are on my friends list. Don't know WHAT I was thinking with that one - but it's not conducive to talking about relationships, dating, and all the hoopla that comes with it. After much thinking and inner-debate? I'm back here - and on Wordpress. :) With 4 blogs that I run or contribute to, I wasn't sure if I'd have time to keep up with this one - but, I LIKE talking about dating and being a single gal in Big D. So here I am! :)

To kick things off, I'm going to write about 2 very polar opposite experiences: coming on WAY too strong and coming off way too ... I don't even know the right word. So, I'll start with that one. A guy recently told me that he's intimidated by me. Say what?!?! Ok, there's more than a few of my readers that don't personally know me; but for all that do? Intimidation is so not the word that one would typically use connected with me. Unless maybe if they worked for me - in which case, "bitch" or "ball-buster" might not be too very far behind (I'm very task-oriented and if honest, somewhat demanding - though I can honestly say I've cared about every single one of my employees). But, personally?? Yeah, it took me back a bit - I'm not sure what exactly would be intimidating about me! I'm a clutzy, goofy mess!

He says it's actually not ME - it's my blog. Not the first time I've heard a guy express concerns about being 'picked apart' online for all to see. Ok, I can appreciate that - but, I'm not going to stop writing. :) I'll just keep an eye open for the guy that laughs it off. :p And maybe it shouldn't be the thing I mention right off the bat when I go out with a new guy??


Now, the WAY too strong?? I'm still shocked by hard it is for some guys to comprehend "No, thank you." There's this guy; lives near me... I've solidly rebuffed this guy for the better part of 3 years. Think borderline, "Ouch, that had to hurt" when imagining my latest responses. There's no way in Hades this guy shouldn't get that I'm not interested. Yet:

Monday: Log into my email and there's an email from him: "Hey, our kids both have concerts the same night. Want to sit together? Then maybe we can all go get some ice cream after or something." (ok, this COULD be innoculous - so, I respond)

"FlirtyGuy," sound like fun, but I'm going to be sitting with the girls' Father and grandparents. Have fun at the concert!

Tuesday: Voicemail from "FlirtyGuy" - "Did you get my email? I think we should scratch the icecream and have dinner before."

Text back: "FlirtyGuy," I emailed you back. Still recovering from jaw surgery - don't like to eat much right now... so, we're going to have to pass. Thanks, though!

Wednesday: Facebook message from "FlirtyGuy" and the 12th 'friends request' in the last month. "So, when are we going to go out?"

Friend Request "Ignore" & Message back: We're not. Have a great day!!!

I'm telling you, if I get another advance today - his turkey? Is totally cooked.


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