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Sunday, July 12, 2009

I May Have Ditched the Rules, but....

If you haven't, you should totally check out 9 Things He Wishes You'd Do on a Date. I read it this morning and while most of it was common sense, it was definitely good for a giggle or two. The only ones I slightly disagree with are the 'Keep Your Google Findings to Yourself' and 'Follow Your Wacky Urges.' Here's Why:

Keep Your Google Findings to Yourself - Seems to me, there are two reasons to Google search someone and let's fess up: we all do it (and at this point, we all know we do). The first reason is obviously related to safety - let's see if this guy/girl shows up on any criminal- or pedophilic- type lists. The other reason and major side-bonus, is it's a great source for conversation starters. I mean, really, aren't the first few dates awkward enough? And, if two years into your relationship you DO find out that he/she used to have a temporary garfield tattoo fetish? Seems to me you should be able to get a good ribbing or two out of it! I mean, if we're supposed to good-naturedly laugh at ourselves... shouldn't we be able to giggle at him/her, too??

Follow Your Wacky Urges - This wouldn't be so bad, if the codicil 'within reason' had been added. I know there are definitely some things -I- don't particularly want to see straight off the bat. These things would fall under the category of 'Let Me Grow Fond of You First.' That way, when you tell me you really DO kinda like to moonwalk through the mall every single time you go or spend 50 hours a week on your MMPOG? You'll have built up enough relationship equity that I won't be tempted to run for the hills; I'll just maybe just pretend I don't know you while you're doing it (1). There's just some things that just don't need to be shared straight off the bat.

Now, showing your exotic bug collection or letting me know you still get geeked up over Spiderman?? That's a different story - I'm fine with that (unless you're showing me the whole collection over dinner and then ew!).

(1) Maybe. The second example? I'm still running... if your computer-gaming habits add up to as much as a full-time job? You've got NO time for a relationship unless they're online. And if that's your thing?? Have fun!

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