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Monday, August 29, 2005

Myspace Migration: Out of Saturday Night & Into Sunday Morning

It's another Saturday night, and I've stolen away from the group to write this. I'm doing what we normally do: hang out. Me, Beau, Steph, Ryan, Mike - cards, Mike's Hard Lemondae, Coconut Sunrises, grilling out (yes, I'm making my famous hot wings tonight and plan on kicking butt at cards. It's almost become a staple. I enjoy Saturday nights, the familiar of it. I can sneak back into the computer room and do a little work, as needed and noone cares. I don't have get dolled up, or try to impress (like I do that much, anyway... lol) - just get to kick back and enjoy the little things. But, the pace sometimes is still quicker.. like the week hasn't quite slowed down yet. It'll frenzy around midnight, or two am (if we're REALLY going) and then... dreamless sleep. It's fun, but not exactly relaxing.

So, I think I'm a Sunday Morning kind of girl...you know, the lackadaisical first stretch and satisfied smile that comes with knowing you really have no place you have to be, or do? Maybe you worship - either alone, in the privacy of your home - or with others, in a church setting... but, if you don't, you know that's ok, too. Because it's Sunday. I love that. I like lounging around on the couch, with my laptop, reading the papers (yes, I read them electronically), music playing in the background. There's a peace that comes with Sunday mornings that I not only enjoy, but I'm somewhat covetous of. I don't want to let anything intrude on it.. it's MY time. The world fades away and there's not really enough of that.
Just my thought.
On a related vein, I was talking with a client (and a couple of candidates) about that this past week. How there seems to be less and less time to unwind and have the pace of the week freeze. It seems to be something that's becoming almost inherent to our society. Not every society works at the pace that we're working - is as involved in as many things as we are - forget to enjoy our lives as we often do. I often worry, with the girls, that I might get them involved into too much. That they'll not be able to enjoy what they're doing for all that they have to do. It's like the hamster wheel - you just keep turning it. At some point, does the hamster do it more out of habit than fun? Some societies actually take "tea breaks" and regular vacations, and three-day weekends! Evening time is "family time" - not the space between school/work and bed where you rush around to complete errands, go to ballet/hockey/soccer/girl scouts/riding lessons/karate and MAYBE hit the drive-thru.
How many people really ENJOY their lives anymore? And, I'm not talking about liking your life, I'm talking about enjoying the moments in it. Doesn't it feel like we've lost sight of what life's really all about sometimes? I know I do - and I guess Saturday Night/Sunday morning is a good illustration of that to me. Saturday night I do have fun, but I'm not relaxed - and Sunday morning time stops for me, and I remember how to enjoy the silence, the time, and the peace that comes in life. I want that feeling more.
Question is, what do I do about it??? Ok, I think I'm out of time; will have to ponder this more later.

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